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Carpet care is one of the most confusing jobs a homeowner or business manager can be responsible for. Most people understand the importance of regular vacuuming and do it.
But deep cleaning or stain removal for upholstery or carpets doesn’t get done as much as needed. Unfortunately, procrastinating with professional carpet cleaning services can result in stains that seep into padding, allergens that affect your family, and even strange odors that can’t be identified.

Tile floors, countertops, showers, and backsplashes are a valuable, beautiful addition to any home, but without regular maintenance they can quickly start to lose their luster. Furthermore, using improper cleaning methods and products can lead to permanent damage. Over-the-counter cleaning solutions are not only harsh and damaging, but they are rarely environmentally friendly and safe for your children and pets.

At Lilys Restorations, we know that every rug is different. We offer a full suite of customizable cleaning methods that are safe for all varieties of area rugs – even antique Orientals and designer textiles. Some area rugs can run out or bleed if not treated properly, which is why we take every extra precaution to ensure your rug is cleaned safely and effectively.

Mattress cleaning is very similar to the furniture cleaning process. Both have a large surface area that acts as an air filter in your home – they easily trap odors, dirt and allergens. In fact, an average used mattress could have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside.

Have you gotten to a point where you’ve forgotten what color your sofa cushions are supposed to be? Is your furniture gradually turning into polka dots of different stains and blotches? We get it, life happens.

Life getting too hectic. Juggling too many jobs, kids, parties etc etc etc. Want us to take care of at least the cleaning aspect of your life. Sign up with a weekly, bi-,monthly, or monthly service and just RElllaxxx. Add on services include, laundry, windows, inside oven or inside fridge.

Your commercial property’s appearance is important in giving your potential customers a great first impression. You also want a clean, safe environment for your employees to work. Lilys restorations professionals are trained to deep clean your business in a way that a general janitorial service can’t. 

Lilys Restorations residential carpet cleaner San Diego

Our promise

Please ask our famously friendly technicians to re-clean any problem areas during the initial visit. If you are not thrilled with the quality of our workmanship or if stains reappear within 14 days we will come back and clean it again for free! No questions asked. no one else in the business is as committed to your satisfaction as we are. After all, it’s how we built our business in the first place … and that’s how we plan to build it tomorrow. Lilys Restorations carries 1 million dollar liability insurance for your Peace of Mind and ours. Give us your business. You’ll be happy you did!

Lilys Restorations commercial carpet cleaning San Diego

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the most remarkable service experience ever.
When it comes to cleaning carpets, upholstery, tile, residential and commercial no one does it like Lilys Restorations.
Our state-of-the art, brand new truck mounted equipment, top-of-the-line non-harsh chemicals, heavy duty tile cleaners and our agitators are second to none and will eliminate even the toughest stains, leaving your home or business like new.

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The 2 owners of Lilys Restorations are Ryan and Lily. They have been in the cleaning industry for over 5 years. Ryan out of high school received 2 associate degrees in water and wastewater management. Out of college he then was in the hospitality industry bartending for 3 years. After that he decided to be a plumber at pacific rim for another 3 years. After plumbing took a toll on his back he decided to take a gamble right before the pandemic and start a business in the cleaning industry. Mostly By word of mouth, Ryan and Lily has managed to build a successful and thriving business that is San Diego top rated cleaning service for over 5 years. But don’t take my word for it, read the testimonials to see for yourself.


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Our Happy Customers

  •   BRILLIANT!!!
    We just had a move out clean and I’ve never seen such a thorough cleaning job!
    They scrubbed the walls, wiped down all the insides of the cupboards, made sure all appliances were spotless especially the stainless steel which had some pretty deep markings.
    I would and will use / recommend to anyone who needs a regular or move out clean.
    The best!
    Thank you all again!!!

    David B.

      We have been using Lily’s Cleaning Service for quite a while now, and they always leave the house pristine. Really good people with great pricing, truly an easy strong recommendation.

    John C.

      Our community parking lot was closed off for construction, but Lily and Ryan was fine with parking on the street and making a walk with all their equipment. They even showed up 5 minutes before. That is professionalism. They also took their time to clean our place. Everything looked brand new. We just can't believe the price for how much time they spent. Great value.

    Tom L.

    Michael H.

      I am actually blown away. Lily and Ryan did an absolutley outstanding job. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats and my husband and I both work full time so cleaning has.. not happend much. I am beyond pleased with their work, professionalism, detail, and cost. We will have them come back every two weeks. My house literally smells like the carpets were shampooed. The details were extra appreciated, like the sweet fold at the end of the paper towl and toilet paper. Makes me feel extremely pampered. I can not recommend enough! THANK YOU GUYS! ~

    Jen C.

      I would highly recommend using Lily's! They are efficient, hard-working and very thorough. Thank you for your services!

    Jerry K.
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