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At Lilys Restorations, we know that every rug is different. We offer a full suite of customizable rug cleaning methods that are safe for all varieties of area rugs – even antique Orientals and designer textiles. Some area rugs can run out or bleed if not treated properly, which is why we take every extra precaution to ensure your rug is cleaned safely and effectively. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to wool rug cleaning in San Diego CA. Instead, we thoroughly evaluate your unique needs and determine the best way to quickly and effectively serve your carpet.

While other companies rely on toxic chemicals that can be dangerous for kids and animals throughout the cleaning process, we make safety and sustainability a priority from the start of the service. As a professional carpet cleaner in San Diego, we begin by preconditioning with a detergent-free product that is 100% safe for kids and pets.
We take great care throughout the entire process to ensure the deepest possible clean. Ultimately, we treat your rug like it was our own. Considering our industry, that’s the highest standard of quality you can ask for.

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