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Upholstery cleaning company San Diego

Have you gotten to a point where you’ve forgotten what color your sofa cushions are supposed to be? Is your furniture gradually turning into polka dots of different stains and blotches? We get it, life happens. No matter what happens to your furniture, though, you can count on Lilys Restorations upholstery cleaning in San Diego to make it look brand new all over again.

Our signature deep cleaning hot water process allows us to cut through even the most stubborn blotches on your beloved furniture. As a San Diego furniture cleaner, we can clean many different kinds of upholstery and pieces of furniture, from sofas to armchairs and from wool to leather. Whether you’re specifically looking for couch cleaning service in San Diego or a one-stop-shop for all your general fabric sanitation needs, we’re the team to call.

We treat each stain individually, working one by one until we’ve left your upholstery completely spotless. We understand that each material and fabric is different, requiring unique upholstery cleaning methods for safe and effective stain removal. We carefully consider all the special factors, such as color fastness and the fabric’s dimensional stability, to ensure that your furniture gets the specialized treatment it deserves. Call to schedule or real time booking today.

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