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Residential/ Commercial Carpet cleaning

Carpet care is one of the most confusing jobs a homeowner or business manager can be responsible for. Most people understand the importance of regular vacuuming and do it. But deep cleaning or stain removal for upholstery or carpets doesn’t get done as much as needed. Unfortunately, procrastinating with professional carpet cleaning services can result in stains that seep into padding, allergens that affect your family, and even strange odors that can’t be identified.

Everyday wear and tear, from foot oils and dirty shoes to pet dander and crumbs, all affect how your carpet looks, feels, and smells. Vacuuming on a regular basis will help keep dirt buildup to a minimum, but it is no substitute for a thorough carpet cleaning. DIY stain removers and carpet shampoos are often misused, damaging your carpet, adding a larger surface area for dirt and grime to stick to.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality and Cleaning for Health:

Carpeting is the largest filter in your home. It traps airborne pollutants, such as, allergens, dirt, dust mites and other contaminants. When you vacuum your home, some of these pollutants are removed, however there is a larger percentage left behind. It is estimated that one square foot of carpet can hold up to one pound of soiling before it becomes visible. Like all filters, consistent maintenance is required. As the carpet becomes loaded with pollutants, every step will release these foreign substances back into the air, producing an unhealthy environment.

Protecting Your Investment and Extending the Life of Your Carpet:

Carpet is a large investment into your home. Many carpet manufactures recommend a regular cleaning interval of 12-18 months. If your carpet is subject to heavy traffic or pets, you may consider more frequent cleanings. Carpet that is not maintained properly will wear more quickly as the embedded soils damage the carpet fibers through abrasion. This effects the overall look and feel of the carpet, as it may begin to lose its vibrant colors, and lose its intended shape. Unmaintained carpet will wear more quickly and shorten the life cycle of the carpet.

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